About Us

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  
This website is my brain child so to speak.  A collection of my own handmade product, some other peoples, and some things that I just think are cool and need to get out there. 
A Little About Me & East End Walk Designs
I grew up on a small island off the southern coast of Long Island. It was a beautiful place that filled me with creativity and inspiration with all things coastal and "beachy". The beautiful surroundings I was exposed to on a daily basis made me want to find some sort of outlet where I could create those lasting feelings for myself as well as others. I no longer live there, but have scenes embedded in my memory in which I draw inspiration. From sunsets to crisp clean beach days, the colors to the material I use, every jewelry design is one of a kind and handmade with only the fondest of memories. Now that I'm older, the urge to create has become more and more prevalent in my life. Maybe because it is truly some "me" time. Alone with my beads, tools, music and ideas I consider it to be my oasis.